Life Insurance Products

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Corner Life offers tailored group cover plans to suit your budget.

Life Insurance Products

This insurance product is designed for churches, funeral parlors and burial clubs, and has the following objectives:

Individual Life Cover

Group Scheme Funeral Cover



We know the stress of having your loved ones depend on you and worrying about what might happen to them when you are no longer around. We have put together a range of Life Insurance policies, specifically designed for you. Your loved ones can use the pay-out to help cover daily expenses, education fees, or outstanding medical bills. Allowing them to grieve their loss, without the added financial stresses that may come.

Provides financial protection to people who belong to group schemes such as churches, Stokvels, Unions, Burial Clubs, Funeral Parlours, Funeral Undetakers, SMME’s and other similar groups.

Corner Life offers employers cost effective, transparent, and practical retirement funding, Disability cover as well as risk insurance benefits. This enables employers to positively impact on their employees’ financial wellness through packaged, flexible retirement savings and insured benefits that allow them to build and protect their interests.

  • Retirement Cover– Making smart choices about your savings throughout life can help you retire comfortably. A comfortable retirement starts with saving as soon as you can and ends with managing your retirement fund well once you are retired to ensure a steady income.
  • Disability Cover – Insurance provides you with the peace of mind that your family’s expenses, as well as your own, will be covered so that you can maintain your standard of living if you were to become injured or disabled, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Risk – risk insurance benefits including life, disability income protection, critical illness, education enhance employee benefit packages, which are an important to have for one’s employees.


Individual Funeral Plans: Funeral Cover

his product is designed for customers who need a basic and affordable funeral policy providing cover of up to R30, 000.


  • 6 months waiting period for death due to natural cause.

  • Immediate cover for death due to unnatural causes upon receipt of the first premium.


  • Extended family members may be added.
  • Transport of the deceased’s body.
  • 24/7 telephonic medical assistance.
  • Immediate cover for accidental death after the receipt of first premium.
  • We provide transportation within the borders of South Africa.